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In Chinese culture, the number 8 is regarded as the luckiest number due to the pronunciation of “Ba’ which sounds similar to the word “Fa” meaning to make a fortune. It contains meanings of prosperity, success and high social status, too. In the Bible, 8 is the symbol of resurrection and regeneration. It means new beginning which denotes a new order or creation. These are very apt descriptions of the concepts that the company is bringing into Cebu and the communities it shall operate in. It aims to introduce new and fresh ideas with properties that strike a balance between the sophisticated and the historical, creating a fusion of modern, vibrant and sustainable projects that embrace Cebu’s cultural heritage. In the logo, the star with its tail open is a shooting star, which further symbolizes dreams, wishes and blessings. And this is the vision that we have for our properties – rare, stunning, one of a kind, but within reach. Our clients will get the feeling of being very special when they step inside. They will experience something magical and mysterious. The circle is a universal symbol that represents the notions of totality, wholeness, and perfection. It represents eternity and timelessness. This circle surrounds the 8 which stands for new beginning, abundance and prosperity that’s well balanced, and the star that stands for rarity and beauty, hope and dreams – all of these happening in perfection and harmony for all eternity!